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Kongkee History

Kongkee Tofu is the first Tofu made from eggs and soybeans in Indonesia since 1989 which was discovered by Leonardi Tjioe then set up factories in Medan and Jakarta, at that time Indonesia was still very foreign to Kongkee tofu products, even few of the chefs knew how to cook. the tofu.

For a long time pioneering and introducing Kongkee Tofu, until now Kongkee Tofu has been known as the mainstay of Chinese food, where restaurants always provide Kongkee tofu on their menu.

Kongkee tofu has various types of tofu such as shrimp-flavored egg tofu, chicken flavor, special egg and plain soy tofu. Kongkee tofu is packaged in imported quality vacuum packaging, clean and selected eggs and reliable quality imported soybeans.


The Quality in Our Products

Vacuum Packaging

Kongkee tofu is packaged in imported quality vacuum packaging

High Quality Ingredients

Tofu kongkee is produced using selected compositions and reliable quality.

Chosen Soy Imported Soy Bean

Tofu kong kee is produced using reliable quality imported soybeans.

Quality Products

From selected raw materials and hygienically processed to produce the best qualityå

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ About Our Company

Where to Buy ?
Not only can you enjoy Kongkee tofu in restaurants or restaurants, Kongkee tofu eggs can also be purchased in all markets, supermarkets or the nearest market throughout Indonesia.
How is the quality ?
With different recipes, Kongkee tofu always makes the dishes of housewives and Indonesian chefs full of flavor and highly nutritious, rich in protein, calcium and B vitamins as well as low in calories and low in fat and free from cholesterol.
Is this good for Diet ?
If you are on a diet program, then enter Kongkee tofu eggs into your daily diet menu.
Is this Halal ?
Kongkee tofu has MUI Halal and BPOM certificate.