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Pokcoy Tofu with Eggs

Ingredients :

500 grams of fresh pok choy

3 chicken eggs

3 cloves of garlic

4 cloves of red onion

1 clove of onion

3 KONG KEE tofu

to taste flavoring (royco) and salt

enough water

1 tomato

enough oyster sauce and chili sauce


  1. Slice the tofu and fry using medium heat until browned, remove from heat.

  2. Finely chop the onion and garlic. Slice the onions and tomatoes lengthwise. Pokcoy slices that have been cleaned

  3. Fry the red, white and onion until lightly browned. Add sliced tomatoes and pokcoy. (lower fire)

  4. Add a little water, oyster sauce, salt, flavoring, chili sauce. stir slowly

  5. Finally add the beaten eggs and stir gently so that the eggs are not too cracked. Once done to the desired level, add the fried tofu. and turn off the fire. voilaaaaaaa pokcoy tofu flush with eggs is ready to be served.


Posted in Chicken Tofu, Egg Tofu, Prawn Tofu, Silk Tofu on Apr 13, 2022.